Second Saturday of every Month

We are in communications with our venue and monitoring the advice of the CDC, as well as the Philadelphia Health Department, and will update this space when we have a firm reopening date. Thank you all for your patience.

$25 at the door*
18+ to enter
Classes and other events are often held at the venue prior to the show. Keep an eye on our fetlife discussions for more details. * discount for certain affiliate members, including members of local TNG, MasT, and similar groups, as well as patrons of Passion 101 classes within the preceding week.
The William Way Center
1315 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Our Rooms

Front Room/Social Area:

This is the first room you will see when you enter into our event. In this room, once you sign in at the front desk, you will see a relaxed open area without any active play going on. This room is where you can purchase refreshments, use the coat check, patronize our rotating selection of vendors, and hang out, relax, and chat with friends.

The Newbie Room:

The Newbie Room, despite its name, is not just for Newbies. Anyone who wants to learn a new skill, brush up, practice, or generally learn more is welcome. We have a wonderful team of skilled and experienced practitioners who are more than happy to share their time and experience with you.

The Main Room:

This is where most of the action happens. We have many play stations set up around the room, as well as several house tops who are happy to both play with people, and to teach their craft. Feel free to wander, explore, and have a good time.

The Playground:

The playground is a relaxing place where you can sit, color, enter a blanket fort, or have storytime! If you have not tried it, it's highly recommended, and very refreshing.

The Aftercare Room:

Once you're done, and need to relax and rejuvenate, head down the hallway on the first floor and rest on a sofa, beanbag chair, or regular chair, or just sprawl out on the floor. This is a quiet room specifically for relaxation when one is finished a scene.

Other rooms:

There are two other rooms that are currently unavailable while our venue goes through renovations.

What is The Aviary?

The Aviary is an improvisational interactive theater night focusing on ontological deconstruction of the political theory concepts of Contract and Domination, as put forth by Carole Pateman and Charles Mills. It often utilizes concepts that involve fetish, as well as BDSM.

Rules Of Play

  • All play must be consensual.
  • You must get permission from a DM to play with fire or puncture the skin.
  • The Dungeon Monitors' (DM) word is final.
  • Sex and/or penetration is not allowed.
  • Bodily fluids (blood, saliva, etc.) may not leave the body. If they do, they must be cleaned immediately.
  • If you are visibly intoxicated and/or impaired by any substance, you will not be allowed to engage in any scenes.
  • No recording allowed (photography, video, audio, etc.). Find an official event photographer if you want pictures. (Staff have the right to inspect recording devices. Staff will supervise recording deletion.)
  • No phones allowed in the play spaces.
  • Do not move the furniture or set up your own furniture.
  • Food and drinks may not be brought in from outside the venue without prior consent from the staff.
  • Genitals and anuses must remain covered in non-play areas.
  • Keep your footwear on (except during a scene at a play station.)
  • Use good etiquette. If you're unsure what that is, ask a staff member for advice.
  • Firearms and firearm replicas are not allowed.
  • Anything illegal in the United States, the state of Pennsylvania, or the city of Philadelphia is illegal at this event.
  • We reserve the right to declare any toy, implement, object, or practice as unwise to do at the event.
  • The Organizers and the Venue take no responsibility for any injury, damage, or loss sustained during the event.
Prior to admittance, all attendees must read and sign this form indicating that they have read,understand, and agree to follow these rules. Attendees must also present a current, valid photo ID. All attendees must sign this form every time they attend the event. Failure to comply with these rules is grounds for your immediate removal from the event, either temporarily or permanently, without a refund of the cost of admittance.

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